We only have one real home.

....its your beautiful & unique body.

Debbie Hay

Jo is a very kind, caring , thoughtful and patient yoga teacher with a brilliant sense of humour and brings fun to her classes.  
I started yoga classes for the first time just over one year ago and I genuinely feel a better version of myself.  I certainly smile lots more.
Josie is a fantastic teacher and I can say has also become a true friend.

Kev Simpson

I've been coming along to Joyoga classes for a couple of years now. Her open and friendly personality, laid back (and sometimes irreverent!) nature combine the perfect mix of fun, encouragement and recognition of individual capabilities that makes Jo a wonderful instructor. Compassionate and inspirational, Jo is very special person, perfectly suited to help anybody access the mental and physical benefits yoga can bring.


Before starting JoYoga classes I was something of a yoga sceptic; the classes I had tried were a little too slow paced for me and I found my concentration waning.  I am now a convert. After Jo's classes I feel calm but energised.  The meditation helps me focus and I find that the classes are pleasingly challenging!  I’ve grown stronger and more toned. 

Jasmine Medhora

From my first yoga class with Josie, I knew that her classes were for me. She was the first yoga instructor I had met in Aberdeen that I could connect with and she has a unique and dynamic method of teaching which really suits me. I have been attending Josie’s classes for 18 months. For me, this is unusual as I often lose interest in a class or feel I am too busy to attend regularly. However, Josie’s classes have a quality which make me go out of my way to attend - I am pretty gutted when I miss a class! I think this is because I know that after each class I will feel uplifted and refreshed.  What impresses me the most about Josie as a yoga teacher is her ability to adapt her teaching method and classes to different situations. If someone in class is pregnant or has an injury, she always has options for them. If someone new in class is struggling to follow, she is able to give them individual attention to help them with the move whilst also keeping the rest of the class going. Last year, someone who was partially sighted attended Josie’s class and Josie made sure they were able to take part. I love that her classes are so inclusive.