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Hey there...

Im slowly making my way back into the working world after a rather long hibernation period.  My hope is that I can to help provide stability, space and a feeling of wholeness whilst supporting the ever evolving and truly glorious you.

In-Person Classes

I am teaching in and around Aberdeen city and shire.

These classes are designed to provide, space, stability, strength and lightness into your body mind and your day.


Check out the events and bookings page for seasonal events in and around Aberdeen.

Corporate Sessions

I provide wellness packages that support the wellbeing of your workforce.  If you are looking for way to provide extra tools and classes to alleviate stress, contact me and we can discuss further.

Bespoke 1:1

I offer in person and online 1:1's.  This is perfect for anyone who doesn't enjoy the idea of group classes, is working with an injury or is looking to deepen their practice in a personal way.  This class will be tailored to your body and your needs.


Like what you see? Get in touch to learn more.

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