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When Jo’s post about the programme came up on my Facebook feed, it hit me at exactly the right time. I’d been feeling sluggish and had let my exercise routine slip. I was craving a new focus and ways of finding calm when coronavirus was stressing me. The programme challenged me in many unexpected ways. I found myself getting stronger both mentally and physically through the ritual of showing up for myself on the matt and working hard. At the end of it, I felt far more self assured and rediscovered a love and joy in moving. Jo’s teaching centres around you and building you to be the best yogi you can be in your body and mind. Her teaching is clear and consistent and helps you to find your best possible practice- even on days when you might not feel like your best self. This course has given me so much more confidence in myself and I can’t thank Jo enough for building such a positive experience! 



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I met Josie via Zoom during lockdown after a recommendation from another yoga teacher. I attended a couple of her online classes and was hooked. Her classes are both challenging for the mind and body plus she is so friendly and welcoming, it’s like I’ve known her for years.

When the first round of the Get Strong and Glow Radiant Programme was announced I was intrigued and after my first call with Josie to discuss I knew it was the correct fit for me. I wanted to improve my practice and fitness plus address some of those mental niggles that had been getting to me for some time. Physically I have become stronger and my yoga technique has improved, I have become more mindful in my movements instead of just flinging my arms and legs around to move into a posture. Josie’s instruction is detailed and she provides options if you’re not quite there yet to master a pose or if you’re just not feeling it that day. The meditations have helped me to chill out and breathe, I genuinely feel a lot happier and am sleeping so much better. 

The programme lasts 6 weeks but it introduces you to breathing techniques, meditations and rituals that can be implemented into daily life. I am going to continue on my yoga journey using the app as it is a great tool for centring yourself and developing your practice. Thank you Josie🙏🏻 🧘🏻‍♀️ ✨💕



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When I heard about the programme, I was so excited. Then the nerves and apprehension kicked in as I have never done something like this before. Had I taken on too much? My goodness, how wrong could I be. Every day of every week I felt stronger, healthier and more confident. Meditation, core strength, general fitness and muscle tone are some of the things that I lacked in and I can truly say with this programme its amazing the difference I feel in myself. Each day I was excited to see what I was going to be challenged with next. The videos are great as they are so detailed with Josie’s instruction and broken into sections, so you can easily do them throughout the day if you don’t have time to do them all at once. I am grateful to all the support from Josie and the ‘Glow Gals’ who were with me during the 6-week programme, I couldn’t imagine my life any other way-my journey is continuing.



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I read about the 6 week programme on a day I felt so sluggish and it sounded like exactly what I needed. After completing the programme, I have more energy, I feel stronger physically and I can find calm in my mind which has lead to a better quality of sleep. It was great being able to do it at my own pace and I feel like I’ve learnt so much about my own body and mind. Josie is absolutely lovely and the best teacher, thank you!




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At the age of 68 I thought maybe I was too old to feel a difference in starting a yoga programme. For the last 20 years I have enjoyed weight training to keep me fit.

Having now completed the programme (and repeating it for a second time) I can say that the programme has achieved more in 6 weeks with regard to fitness, form and strength than lifting weights had ever done.

The attention to detail, instruction and subtle moves has created a huge change for me physically and mentally. The programme is joyful and light-hearted with an accessible structure that would fit in with just about anyone's lifestyle.

Thank You!



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Yoga with Josie got me energised again. I am once more embracing early mornings, exercise and good food because of her wonderful yoga programme. I had realised that yoga was beneficial but had not managed that final push towards practising yoga regularly. The YogaDose 6 week programme helped me to practise regularly and I can feel the positive difference physically and mentally.



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I started the programme because I suffer with anxiety and found myself feeling unmotivated and overall unhappy. I undertook the course with high hopes that it’d help me cope, and can honestly say that I feel so much better and at ease after the 6 weeks. My strength and form have definitely improved, but for me personally the main improvement has been mentally. I’ve been up most mornings before work to do a session, and although the 6 week plan has ended, I intend to continue doing so to keep feeling the all round benefits. Thank you Jo

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