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A Little Piece of Me

It was love at first Savasana.

I remember my first class vividly.  Everyone looked so calm and had a certain gleam in their eye and this kind of glow after class.  If you have attended the right class with the right teacher, you will understand its all about the "yoga buzz".  The rush that I got after my first class is something I will never forget - there was a potent feeling of "I can do anything" and so I chased that high vibration by dedicating my time as a student at Love Yoga Ltd where my sight began to sharpen, there was a lot more to this than a physical practice and before I knew it, I took the very deep plunge head first into a 500 hr intensive YTT over in Trinidad and Tobago with Karen Blackman of The Sangha Yoga School in  Trinidad and Tobago in 2017.  This was shortly followed by a 50 hr Yin Yoga YTT with Ram Jain of Arhanta Ashram.  Since these training I have immersed myself in Yoga Sutra Trainings with , Breathwork, Therapeutic yoga, Mind and Meditation Training with Susi Hately and importantly in my personal practice to deepen my own connection.

As you will hear from most if not all yoga teachers, my time in YTT was life changing, priceless and when I am able to do it all again, there will be even more layers to dissolve.  I was pushed, nurtured and I RE-learned all of my core beliefs about my inner and outer world..

I’ll never forget the first golden nugget of wisdom at the start of the training Karen would smile and repeat to me in practice “you have to work hard to relax”. 

My love, respect and appreciation for Karen is limitless, she was the instigator of transformation, love and acceptance.  These three ingredients, I make sure I mix with every day in some capacity.

It is this same feeling I strive to share with my students.  Our complex world can be a difficult place to live and just a little extra space in our minds, focus on our breath will allow movement with conscious intention in our lives with your own light guiding your way. 

Your light is so bright, but you have to find the switch first.

Relaxed, confident and happy were never qualities that I would have identified with before my curiosities took me on my travels, and to slip into these felt like coming back home.  Your Body is Your Home and my classes are designed to ignite, expand and strengthen the foundations of your home.  You do not need to be flexible, groomed or in the best yoga clothes to join my classes, I just need your beautifully unique self and that's enough.

The light of self awareness altered my path and lit up life for me in a way I had never experienced, life with zest, love and gratitude.  I feel extremely fortunate that my conscious (and not so conscious) decisions have lead me into the doorways of studios all over the world, gathering up the wisdom from different cultures and so many open, honest and real teachers.  To have studied and practised with some of the most knowledgeable and passionate  teachers in their fields in itself an homage of the heart. 

Karen Blackman, Ram Jain Lisa McMurtrie, Susi Hately, Hali Schwartz, Erin Kelly, Steph Gongora, Denise Demming, Linda Malone.  

Today, I am fortunate enough to share all that I’ve learned with you, for now anyway.  As well as scheduled classes in and around Aberdeen, I am lucky to have found my Yoga home with Love Yoga Ltd  and Calm Cool Studio in the heart of Aberdeen.

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"Let the beauty of what you love be what you do"




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